Weekend Wisdom: Quick Exercises To Regain Focus

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Picture This

Having trouble focusing on what you want? It might be you don’t have a clear enough image in your mind of exactly what it is you want. After all, how can you focus on what you can’t see, feel. hear, taste and smell?

If this sounds familiar, try this exercise to engage all your senses.

· See — What does the object of your desire look like? Picture it in your mind down to the tiniest detail. Imagine the goal completed. What does your life look like when you reach that point? What will it look like going forward?

· Hear — What is your inner voice telling you about your goal? What will others tell you when they see it happening in your life?

· Touch — Reach for it in your mind. Hold the image so firmly you can feel the weight of your dream in your hands.

· Smell — Does your dream bring a scent? For example, personal purpose might carry the tang of fresh sea air, a beautiful scented rose…..

· Taste — Have you ever wanted something so bad that you could taste it? Yes, aim for that feeling.

Got it? Great! Congratulate yourself because you’ve just found focus!

This article is part of my June series on Regaining Focus… so watch this space for more ideas and support.

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