Weekend Wisdom: Quick Exercises To Regain Focus — Do You Have Any Idea How Tired You Are?

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Sometimes a lack of focus during the day starts because you’re not sleeping well!

How long has it been since you’ve seriously considered your sleep habits?

If you think sleep isn’t a problem, take a look at these statistics. It’s been reported that, on average, 51% of adults aren’t getting enough sleep at night. Worse, 80% are using the weekends to get caught up on all the sleep they’re missing during the week (meaning more people are going without adequate sleep than those who admitted to it initially).

The problem is, we live such busy lives, we’re not paying enough attention to our sleep routines. You really do need 7 to 9 hours of GOOD sleep at night. To get this requires some thought and some experimentation with a good bedtime routine.

- create an ambience conducive to sleep,

- be strict about no screen time for at least an hour before actually sleeping

and, most important of all: allowing yourself enough time to sleep in the first place.

This article is part of my June series on Regaining Focus… so watch this space for more ideas and support.
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Elizabeth Morris

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