Weekend Wisdom: Quick Exercises To Regain Focus — Creating Gratitude

Photo Credit: Vlad Bagacian | Unsplash

Are you thankful for where you are? Even when you have a challenge?

When you’ve reached whatever you experience as a success state, it’s so easy to be grateful right there in the moment.

But have you considered practicing gratitude in advance?

Think about it this way: When we’re expressing gratitude, we’re seeing the good in a situation. Gratitude in the moment will have you looking for the good right now, where you are, whatever the circumstances.

With this in mind, stop what you’re doing. What can you be grateful for right now that you have been grumbling about up til now?

Perhaps the obstacle you’re facing is actually pointing you in a new direction.

When something doesnt work the way you were planning be glad that you learnt something new which will save you time on other projects in the future.

Or if you’re slogging through what feels like a lot of tedious steps, you can instead be grateful for the fact you’re moving forward and making progress on your journey.

This, my friend, is focusing on the moment and finding the good right now even in the challenges.



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Elizabeth Morris

Elizabeth Morris


Best-selling Digital Communicator on the Science, Psychology, Soma and Soul of Compassion in Action