Weekend Wisdom: Quick Exercises To Regain Focus — Conquering Clutter

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We already know a cluttered mind has trouble focusing. It’s tough to think clearly when you have a lot going on in your thoughts.

But did you know the clutter around you can affect you in much the same way? It is like the outside clutter of all the things lying around reflect that state of your mine.

Studies have shown productivity really does tank if you’re in an atmosphere filled with…well…stuff. Having a cluttered desk makes it harder to find the materials you need to work. Worse, all those unfinished projects and scrawled notes can really pull your attention away from what you’re working on.

Likewise, a cluttered room is a constant set of distractions, just screaming at you to stop what you’re doing in favour of getting something else done. Or there is a constant nagging at the edge of your mind that you really should ‘tidy’ up and that thought disturbs you from really settling on the one thing right in front of you that needs to be done.

With this in mind, clearing out the clutter is crucial to improving your focus.

So here is the exercise just to get started:

Take a few minutes at the end of every day to neaten your desk or your desktop. Put away the files you have finished with. Close up apps and tabs that are open. Straighten up paper and pens. Move that object that always gets in the way when you turn to switch on the printer.

And that’s it. Just experiment with doing that over the next week.

Take care, good people.

This article is part of my June series on Regaining Focus… so watch this space for more ideas and support.
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