Series: How To Turn That Regained Focus Into Productivity — 10 Quick Tips to Gain More Focus For Your Work

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10 Quick Tips for being more effective in your business or work to finish off our month of Focus and Productivity.

1. Start by keeping everything as organized as possible. It is much easier to keep your work under control and easier to manage if you are organized well.

2. Take a closer look at the goals that you are trying to set. See what your progress is for all of your goals and figure out the step by step process you will go through to achieve them — making sure each step will be easy to manage.

3. See if there are any times where you can work on your goals without any interruptions. If you know of times when others are not going to be in your way then you should have a much easier time with getting your goals and deadlines met.

4. Think about one goal for each day. If you focus on just one goal each day then it will become easier for you to finish up everything that you want to do.

5. Understand which clients are important and who isnt really a client but are using your skills without paying. In other words think about who’s going to be more likely to pay you for what you do and give them priority. Help others after the top priority is seen to.

6. If there’s a way that you can automate certain functions then feel free to do this. It can help you to get things done faster in your workplace.

7. Think about what you enjoy doing the most and try working on that at the start. The things that are easier to do should be the first ones that you do to gain momentum for the heavier tasks.

8. Keep all notifications at work off for a bit. If you keep programmes or sound notifications on that warn you of certain things try turning them off for your most focused work periods.

9. Time yourself properly based on when you should be working and when you need to get tasks done by. Make tasks into realistic bite sized pieces which mean you can keep to deadlines easily. This will really keep you motivated.

10. Plan your work out ahead of time. Think about when you are going to do your work and consider the timing for how everything is to be done. It immediately becomes easier for you to manage whatever you have to do when you have a plan.

This article is the last one in my June series on Regaining Focus…

….so watch this space for more ideas and support coming up as I move into July and a month of tips on Mindsets and Habits.

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