Self Care Tips from The Sages’ Sanctuary — Day 2 — Make That Commitment To Cultivating Happiness, Flourishing and Thriving

Elizabeth Morris
4 min readJan 14, 2021


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Want to Flourish and Thrive — no matter what?

What does it mean to be totally committed to something? It often means that you set a goal and then dedicate yourself to do what it takes to reach that goal. We commit to a relationship when we get married, we commit to a job or a career, and we may be committed to a hobby. But today I want to focus on committing to cultivating happiness and contentment as the foundations for flourishing and thriving.

In the last blog I shared how at least part of how happy we are is directly related to a choice we make. I also shared my goal of running this series to help us make a conscious decision to be happier and create the habit of having a flourishing outlook. The first step to make that happen is to make a commitment to at least experiment with this series. To give yourself the year to thrive and flourish.

This holds true for any new habit you want to deepen or form. The first step is always to commit enough to it. That means that you make the decision to invest some of your most precious resources in it — you time and attention. These can start of being quite small — just like you would with many investments. Try something out — see if you get any return on that investment and gradually increase it as you see good results.

So it is a matter of small daily practices until the new behaviour or action has become a true habit. A habit by the way is something you do without any conscious thought or effort.

Our journey toward a flourishing, thriving version of ourselves is no different. We have to want it and we have to commit to it.

Of course it isn’t as easy as saying to yourself that you will be happier from here on out. While that’s certainly helpful, it isn’t quite as simple as that. Before we can truly commit to happiness we have to define what makes us happy, contented, fulfilled.

So today’s practice is to reflect on those things. Dig deep. For example, if curling up on the couch with a good book makes you happy, think about why that is. Is it because it gives you a chance to escape and forget about your own life for a while? If so, try to pin-point what you’re hiding from when you dive into a book and what you can do about that. If getting up at 6am to go to work makes you unhappy, and changing to a later schedule isn’t an option, think about the positive things about getting up early. You get to see the sun rise, you get to come home at a decent hour and have time to relax with your kids or spouse before bedtime. Something as simple as implementing a relaxing bed-time routine and going to bed a little earlier may make it much easier to get up at 6am and improve your whole outlook on workday mornings.

Whatever it is you come up with is interesting information. You are beginning your research and that is the first brick in the foundation.

We’ll dig deeper into these things and how you can practically build on the foundations in future posts. For now, find your own personal definition of happiness, flourishing and thriving and come up with at least 10 different things or people that make you happy. Then commit to using the coming week to making contact with these things or people. You won’t regret it.

Watch out for the Sages’ Wisdom tips every Friday as we make Fridays the start of our Self care weekends. By the way you can reach out to us anytime. :)


This is a series for people who support other people such as coaches and therapists, pastors and carers.

People who are passionate about their work and their clients but struggling to find a way to feel as positive as they want to in our Covid world.

People who have realised that they need support too.

This is a time when most of us are scared. Nothing is known or predictable and we need to call on reserves of creativity, energy and hope to get by and get on no matter what.

We can do that — but we need to do it together. This is not a time to be a Lone Ranger, coping and getting by on your own. It is a time to reach out and ask for help, get help and give help — then flourish and thrive.

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