Pivot Your Practice To Flourish in The Future — Mindset reset — Get Creative with Your Journaling!

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Who keeps a Journal?

It can be an incredibly powerful tool for building your coaching business and for helping clients!

Journalling is an effective way to document your hopes and dreams for your business and your personal life but quite a lot of people cringe at the idea of putting their thoughts down on paper. Some equate all journalling with keeping a diary and they don’t want to revert back to their 10-year-old self. Others worry about keeping a journal secret or prevent themselves from being honest and vulnerable for fear that others will read their words.

Are these fears weighing on your mind? I can understand that completely. However I also know just how helpful the process of journalling can be and I know that for those who like to write and plan and ponder, the benefits certainly outweigh the likelihood of someone finding your journals and passing judgment.

Like anything else in life, you need to find a form of journalling that works for you and that you enjoy doing; otherwise you won’t incorporate the habit into your daily routine and will miss out on its many benefits.

Benefits of Journalling

The biggest benefit of journalling to help you build your business is to dump all your ideas and dreams onto paper so your mind remains clear and ready to focus on your action steps. If you want to achieve your goals and dreams, taking action is mandatory but it’s very easy to get lost in distractions if you don’t journal and create an action plan.

Another benefit to journalling is the ability to revisit older entries and compare them with where you are today in your business. Did those older ideas come to fruition? Did they morph into an even better idea? Did you follow through on action steps to reach those goals or milestones? Use these older entries as a reminder to revisit ideas or to learn more about yourself, the patterns you tend to form and your motivation.

Bullet Journalling

If you’re not into writing pages and pages of notes but do like to plan and think things through, bullet journalling is a quick alternative. The idea is to write simple bullet notes that are a combination of a to-do list, a diary, and list of upcoming events. Part of the appeal of bullet journalling is creating your own journal with your own handwriting, bright ink colors, doodles, and unique pages that will serve your needs. They become very individual, creative expressions of who you are but at the same time they are concise. You can all aspects of your life in one journal — or just your business. It is up to you. There are many examples and a lot of information on Pinterest — pop over and have a quick look if you are not sure what Bullet Journals are.

Multimedia Journalling

If you’re a born talker and get stumped every time you see a blank piece of paper, create a multimedia journal using your smartphone. Record voice messages about your day, your plans, and your dreams or record videos with those same thoughts. Transfer these recordings to a service like Dropbox to free up storage space on your phone. Remember to name the file and date it so you can find that brilliant train of thought you got into again!

Brain Dumping

Take a blank piece of paper — or open up a Word document — and just start writing ALL the things that are occupying your mind. Include business decisions that must be made, projects or goals you want to achieve, as well as personal items or errands to remember. There’s no thinking allowed while doing this; don’t judge if an idea is crazy or silly, just write it down.

After you complete your list spend a bit more time organising them into themes so that similar things are grouped together. Then diarise times to deal with the relevant ones or delegate some of these tasks to your virtual assistant, friend, colleague or family!

If multiple items fall under the same general heading, block out some time to complete them all at once. Ignore the phone during these time blocks so you can focus your attention completely. Get them done and off that mental muddle.

5 Steps to Greater Happiness in Life & Business

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