Pivot Your Practice To Flourish in The Future — Fulltime to freelance — 3 Pages Your Practice Website Absolutely, Positively Needs

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Kudos to you for deciding to pivot, or set up , your Practice. But before you quit your day job, make sure your website is up to par and ready to attract clients. That doesn’t mean don’t see clients in the meantime. If you have clients already or are able to get a few more quickly then carry on with that — but put aside some time for that website too!

Your website is the introduction of your practice to the world. You are moving away from having a purely local market and opening up to literally a global marketplace. Exciting — and intimidating to most. The thing is you want to make it as easy as possible for prospective clients to understand who you are, what you do, and how you can help them with their needs.

Leaving a prospect without a clear path to that information will cause frustration and if they can’t find the info they need quickly, they will leave your website in search of another provider whose site is easier to navigate.

Here are the three pages you absolutely, positively must have on your website:

1. An informative homepage. You only get one shot to make a good first impression, and that impression usually only lasts a few seconds. That’s how long it takes the average visitor to determine if you have what they need. Be extremely clear about your offerings. And here I add a HUGE tip. Make sure that the page is mostly about them and their need. Not about you. Tell them right at the start that you have a solution to their problem. Do not make this all about you. Make it all about them from the start. This is how you make it crystal clear who you serve.

Not every visitor will be a part of your ideal clientele and that’s alright. Consider a mix of text and video so your prospects can see and hear your voice; video is a popular choice for building a trusting relationship, especially if your practice is 100% online.

2. An About page. Once your prospect thinks you might be the answer to their prayers, they will want to learn more about you. Include a tab on your home page and don’t be shy about saying how your solution is the best way to solve their problem.

Relate to their pain points; talk about how you developed a solution to these problems and why you’re passionate about helping this market. Gone are the days of writing in the third person; in most markets casual online writing is acceptable, so think of your best friend and write as though you’re talking directly to him or her.

3. A services and/or products page. Whether you provide services or products (or a combination of both), showcase those items on a separate page. (Surprised to see me mention products? Having products that complement your solution and service is a simple way to add a bit more money to your income.) Again, use a tab in your main navigation so this page is easy to find from anywhere on your site.

There’s ongoing debate in the service provider world about whether or not you should put pricing on your website. One camp thinks all pricing should be custom and you should welcome any and all requests for pricing. The other camp thinks it’s wise for prospects to self-qualify themselves by seeing at least starting prices. If they know they can’t afford your pricing, they won’t contact you and you won’t waste time pursuing a client who can’t pay. The choice is yours as there are pros and cons to both beliefs.

A bonus feature to include prominently on your website is an opt-in form. This is a way to capture the email addresses of your visitors so you can stay in contact. If they can’t afford you now, you never know when their situation will change in the future. Or if they choose a lower-priced product now or your giveaway, they may be able to afford your higher priced offer in the future. Losing that contact can be detrimental to your business because chances are high they’ll never find your site again.

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This is a series for coaches and therapists who are passionate about their work and their clients but struggling to find a way to make things work post-Covid as clients melt away and money becomes an issue for most people.

This is a time when most of us are scared. Nothing is known or predictable and many of us are dithering about what to do. In fact, this indecision or even just making any unthought-through action — is something we all experience. Trouble is, it can become a habit. And it’s a habit that will derail your business success with your practice. Therapists and coaches who are successful are people who have learned to do two things. One is be flexible enough to pivot their business to what will work now — and the other is to break through enough of the fear barriers to get productive again.

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