Pivot Your Practice and BulletProof Your Future — How to Launch that Community Membership Site When You Are A Practitioner

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Launching a community membership site around your practice is not the same as launching a programme if you are a shop or a product supplier or a hairdresser. Practices are very personal and very bound up with who you are and who your clients are. It means standing for something, having values and being completely trustworthy. So here is what YOU have to think of when you are ready to get that community going and actually launch yourself.

Too often, people become so entrenched in the process of creating their membership site itself that they forget to figure out how they are going to get it off the ground. It is time consuming to get the Community going and then on top of that there are decisions to make about what platform to use to set up your shingle! So at the very least you need a Project Plan and within the Project Plan you will need a proper launch plan too. It is a must if you want to be successful.

A good launch plan needs to increase awareness, raise interests, and build demand. When you can do this, you can put yourself in the best possible position to succeed. Here are four strategies that you can use in that launch plan.

Offer Everyone (new and existing) a Free Video Training Course

The most well-known strategy for launching a membership site, informational product, or online course is the Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula. The approach requires you to offer a free, three-part course on a topic that is related to your product that is delivered one video at a time over a one to two-week period. The videos that you provide should not only teach the recipients something but should also highlight the need to be part of the Community. In our case we concentrated on helping practitioners re-imagine their future online, made sure they knew the steps they needed to take to implement this and gave them the best tools to make this happen within a month.

Run a Launch Webinar These days, webinars are incredibly popular, and for a good reason. If your community really likes and needs educational content, it makes sense to start finding new members by tapping into people who want to learn something about your topic. Offering a live webinar is a great way to generate qualified leads while teaching something of value and introducing your Community and offering.

I like doing workshops — it is a hang over from the old days when a colleague and I would dedicate Saturday’s to running life skills workshops on communication, relationships and stress management. So some of the ‘webinars’ became longer workshops for planning the realities of the steps.

Send a ‘Teaser Campaign’ to Your Existing Audience

As soon as you have a good idea of what you’re going to offer to your Community in your membership, it’s a smart idea to put together some form of “waiting list” so that you can begin to gather people who are interested. When people join the waiting list, make sure you check in with them from time to time to update them on the progress and to help whet their appetites for your forthcoming membership. As you get closer to the launch date, start sending periodic information to your audience across social media as I mentioned in the article on the 4 things that no-body told you about setting up a Community!

We offer time and topic limited memberships and a VIP one so people have flexibility. Each programme we run has it’s own membership and then the VIP membership is for automatic membership in everything. Some people run a continous membership, like a club and top up with helpful information and offers every month to keep giving value. Think about which model would be right for you.

Offer Special Launch Prices and Bonuses

Scarcity has been proven to be an incredibly powerful factor when it comes to generating sales. And that doesn’t sit well with most practitioners so don’t get sucked into having to offer things this way. However it is helpful for you to know why they are good strategies to use or adapt in your Launch. Your launch actually provides you with the opportunity to talk about the scarcity of the opportunity to come in as a Founding Member with very special privileges. That feels, and is, truthful and also it incentivises people. It is worth considering tapping into for the release of your Membership.

If you want to have a successful launch for your membership site, keep these simple strategies in mind. Start building anticipation among your target audience well before you plan to launch to ensure your success.

Remember we are always here to help and advise if you are not sure which way would be best for you. We are starting an Office Hours session soon where you can hop on or send in your question and get an answer.


This is a series for coaches and therapists who are passionate about their work and their clients but struggling to find a way to make things work post-Covid as clients melt away and money becomes an issue for most people.

This is a time when most of us are scared. Nothing is known or predictable and many of us are dithering about what to do. In fact, this indecision is paralysing us and that is something that will derail the success of any practice. Therapists and coaches who are successful are people who have learned to do two things.

One is be flexible enough to pivot their business to what will work now — and the other is to break through enough of the fear barriers to get productive again.

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