Mindset Mondays — Signs It’s Time to Change Your Mindset When You Are A Practitioner

Elizabeth Morris
5 min readNov 16, 2020
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“The key to abundance is to stop needing more, and to start appreciating what you already have.” — Anonymous

Everyone is talking about changing your mindset to manifest what you desire. And as a psychologist I agree it is a good start. However in a step even before that you need to recognise that a mindset adjustment is needed.

How do you know when it’s time to change your mindset? After all, you’ve been thinking the same way for as long as you can remember. Or maybe you’ve had rough patch and your attitude has gotten out of whack.

For sure when you start having more negative days than good ones, then it’s time to change your mindset and here are some of the reasons you may want to change it.

Our mindset is the reflection of our beliefs about ourselves, others and the world. It what produces the thoughts we have, the feelings we feel and even the sensations we experience in our bodies. It is the mental state that shapes our thinking which controls our actions. For example, if you have a negative attitude, then in your head you start blaming yourself or blaming others and you think the worst. When you have positive or healthy thoughts, you create a better mental, emotional and even physical environment for yourself and those around you.

Six Signs it’s Time to Change Your Mindset

1. You’re tending to be focused on failure instead of succeeding. You feel angry and disappointed over every failure without celebrating your success. You constantly see yourself as a failure, unconsciously sending negative messages to your mind that you will fail at what ever you try to accomplish. Instead: Keep a success diary acknowledging every success each day, no matter how small. Ask friends and family to help you.

2. You tending to behave like a victim. You’ve been a victim of bad experiences or been hurt by others you love. Or you were traumatised from some event. You’re still holding onto those moments. Instead: Forgive enough to allow you to let go of the past. Hanging on to all that bad feeling hurts you more than the people who did it to you. It doesn’t mean you condone their behaviour. It does mean you aren’t still controlled by it.

3. You have social media envy. You see the unnatural glamorous lifestyles of other people online, and it makes you feel worse about yourself. You devalue what you have. You focus on what you don’t have or aren’t doing. Instead: Think about what you do have and be show gratitude for it. There are billions of people on this planet and at least a billion would love to have your life. A great idea is to start a gratitude journal or even just think of three things you are grateful for as you fall asleep.

4. You tend to see work as a chore. You dread going to work, complain about doing the work, or feel like it’s a burden. Instead, view your job as a means of providing value to others and as having an impact on you and others around you. Being able to work gives you the opportunity to contribute to society.

5. You tend to obsess about things you can’t control or change. You complain about what you can’t control like the weather, government, traffic and other people. Your mind is filled with everything you don’t like, rather than what you can control which is yourself. Identify how you can change and control your own actions and thoughts to make the experience more positive. Stop complaining just as an experiment and step back from the think that is annoying you. Just make a mental note — I didn’t like that. I feel angry about it — and then move on. Turn your attention to actions that will bring you a greater sense of accomplishment and abundance.

6. You tend to lack gratitude for what you have. You focus on what is wrong with things or the world, or the inadequacies in yourself and others. Instead, acknowledge that no one is perfect, and everyone learns lessons as they go. Start to see life as a huge lesson from which we are all learning — everything is a work in progress, including you.

When you realize that the reason you rarely feel happy and content is because of a negative mindset, you know it’s time to change your mindset to feel better about yourself and as you do that you will begin to see, recognise and attract more abundance into your life.

Enjoy — we only have one life and it is too beautiful to miss.


This is a series for coaches and therapists who are passionate about their work and their clients but struggling to find a way to make things work post-Covid as clients melt away and money becomes an issue for most people.

This is a time when most of us are scared. Nothing is known or predictable and many of us are dithering about what to do. In fact, this indecision is paralysing us and that is something that will derail the success of any practice. Therapists and coaches who are successful are people who have learned to do two things.

One is be flexible enough to pivot their business to what will work now — and the other is to break through enough of the fear barriers to get productive again.

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