Lockdown Strategies: How to Become More Inspired

Lockdown has been looooong!

We have experimented with self care, reaching out to others, setting up routines and building habits to help lower our stress levels, journalling, meditating, being mindful, eating well. And we have had a lot of time to think so now we are ready to dive into living a life of Intention. And that often begins with a longing for something you can’t quite put your finger on.

You may feel like your life is on autopilot, and you aren’t really getting the joy you want? Are you zapped of all creativity? If this sounds like you, what you need is more inspiration for your Intention. And I am here to help you find it.

Don’t Force the Inspiration

Remember that true inspiration comes naturally, often when you aren’t expecting it. If you try to force yourself to come up with a new idea, that idea will likely never come. Instead, live your life being more curious, talking to people, getting out into the world online at the moment, in reality as soon as we can, and really paying attention to all those little things that people often take for granted. Seeing all there is to be grateful for is a really good start to prepare yourself for a flash of Inspiration coming your way.

Take a Break to Help You Refocus Your Energy

Everyone needs a break! You need a rest, downtime, and free time. If you are constantly running around from one task to the next, you never have time to actually be inspired by anything. In Lockdown we tend to be exhausted and yet try to keep busy to pass the time, but we have a great underlying worry all the time about coping and what is coming next. This doesnt help inpsiration to emerge! Try to give yourself more downtime in your daily life, maybe starting with your morning or nighttime routine. You can meditate, listen to quiet music, go through a guided relaxation or sit in silence and write in a journal.

Look to Others for Inspiration

Look at the people in your life, people who you admire, people who have made an impact on your life. These are the people who can help you find more inspiration. This is not about copying ideas or trying to imitate what others do, but using their life as a way to feel inspired yourself.

Maybe you hear stories of how your grandmother defeated all odds and started her business from scratch in tough times, or your neighbour completely transformed his life, and you feel inspired by the amazing feats people will go to for their passions and dreams.

Express Gratitude and Appreciation Often

Make it a habit to actually express your gratitude every day, whether it is by writing what you are grateful for in your journal, or you just say it silently to yourself whenever you feel appreciative of something or by just sharing a couple of things you noticed with a friend when you chat.

Sometimes, inspiration comes from the smallest acts. As you begin to think more about what you are grateful for each day, in both situations and people you begin to notice more and more. Then you might feel inspired by selfless acts you witness, by people who have done something very kind for you, or just by the little things that bring you joy every day.

Join me anytime on Facebook at the group MakeBigImpactNow. This is a community of Changemakers and Grassroots Givers who are doing what they can to make a difference and change the world. They are sincerely engaged in Doing Good Better, starting with themselves!

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I am also blogging and posting on my old website which I will be dusting off and breathing new life into over the next few weeks. Watch this space. www.elizabethmorrisonline.com

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Elizabeth Morris

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