Lockdown Strategies: How Mindfulness Can Help Your Relationships Especially In Stressful Times

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Humans are social creatures. Aside from being off the grid in a retreat or a cave in the Himalayas, we are all in relationships. And even in that cave the hermit is in relationship with themselves — and with the nature around. There is no escape from connection in the end!

These relationships range from intimate to casual to deep and profound to surface and fleeting. And we place different values on each of these. But the practice of mindfulness and being present in the now of a relationship at whatever level or duration brings new richness to every relationship you are in.

Relationships like:

  • Parent-Child
  • Partner — Partner
  • Siblings
  • Friend-Friend
  • Coworker — Coworker
  • Boss — Worker
  • Pet — Owner
  • Nature — Admirer
  • Self-Self
  • Community

Your mindfulness can make each of these relationships better. By taking simple steps, you can maximize your relationships and make them healthier and easier to be in. And, let’s face it relationships are often the most puzzling and challenging parts of our lives! Being mindful, present and reflective can help you make sense of the relationships you are in and be very illuminating for you.

Let’s take a look at a few of these:

Parent-Child: The parent-child relationship morphs all the time. In infancy, the parent-child bond feels unbreakable. Over time as personalities emerge, it takes more effort to stay connected. Being mindful and prepared to enter fully into moment with your child and their world enhances the relationship by focusing intently on what matters most.

Pro tip: Realize your child is not an extension of you. As they grow, they develop a unique personality that may be similar to one of their parents or not. View your child through a crystal-clear lens that allows them to explore their own interests and develop their individual personality. Step back just enough to watch their flourishing and unfolding with awe and admiration. Just that mindset of interest and appreciation can change the quality of your relationship as your child will sense that deep acceptance of them.

Partner and Partner: These partnerships can be rock solid and tight for much of the time together or they can fluctuate or they can disintegrate and become underwhelming. Mindfulness guards against losing touch or growing apart. When you are really attending to the other person and experiencing the richness of their being and the quality of the dynamic between the two of you (which only a combination of your two unique personalities can produce) you can appreciate the specialness of your partner and what you have together. Being in tune like this is a high form of mindfulness.

Pro tip: Learn your partner’s love language is often a result of that mindful skill you are developing of simultaneously observing and appreciating the other person. You will begin to notice what they respond well to and what seems to turn them off. That can be very helpful as you work together to shape your family life.

Siblings: Siblings have a unique relationship. There are many who are well-connected and remain close throughout life while others drift and become disconnected. Fragmented families are a cultural tragedy that can be avoided by being mindful in maintaining your sibling relationships if that is something that you currently value.

Pro tip: Make a sibling vacation an annual event. Do the things that are unique to your family and make space to keep the bond strong and alive. No partners, no kids — just the siblings doing the things that remind them of where they come from, the importance of family bonds and the space to really get to know one another again.

Community- We bounce against people all day long in our community. From the receptionist at the dentist’s office to the clerk at the grocery store, we are in community every time we make a connection. Being mindful of each person you encounter and giving them the gift of your time and attention for the brief time you are transacting is a gift that can change their day. It can also change yours!

Pro tip: Look people in the eye. As we move through the day, busy and overwhelmed, it is easy to make transactions as quick and impersonal as possible but connecting through your eyes and by giving your attention will make a huge difference to your quality of life. Make it a point to look everyone you meet in the eye. This shows confidence and interest, an openness to others which wins people over and helps them feel good about themselves too.

So, you see, your mindfulness can make an impact everywhere. From inside your home to inside the doctor’s office and everywhere in between. Be mindful and aware and watch your happiness quotient rise.

Join me anytime on Facebook at the group MakeBigImpactNow. This is a community of Changemakers and Grassroots Givers who are doing what they can to make a difference and change the world. They are sincerely engaged in Doing Good Better, starting with themselves!

I’m producing a ton of free content about making an impact, leaving a legacy, making a difference and opening up the most profound levels of self-care for turbulent times. https://www.facebook.com/groups/468677503774245/

I am also blogging and posting on my old website which I will be dusting off and breathing new life into over the next few weeks. Watch this space. www.elizabethmorrisonline.com




Best-selling Digital Communicator on the Science, Psychology, Soma and Soul of Compassion in Action

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Elizabeth Morris

Elizabeth Morris

Best-selling Digital Communicator on the Science, Psychology, Soma and Soul of Compassion in Action

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