Lockdown Strategies: Celebrate What Makes You Unique As You Begin Your Life Of Purpose

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You are an amazing, unique, fantastic person, even if you don’t acknowledge it to yourself.

To be true to yourself and express your individuality, celebrate what makes you unique. We are used to thinking of ourselves in quite critical terms and not used to thinking of and owning our own talents and uniqueness. But in a life of purpose it is very helpful to have a firm acceptance of who you are and what you, uniquely, bring to the world. For some this can be a first stepping stone to actually liking and loving yourself! Let’s try it.

Make a List of All Your Traits

Start by making a list of every single trait you have, from physical attributes, to your personality traits, strengths, and skills. It might be easy to get going with your physical attributes. Write down your hair color, eye color, skin color, your height, what curves you have. You can then go with your personality, writing down words that express who you are as a person, what skills you possess, what your passions are, what you think you bring to the table, and yes, what you feel your downsides might be.

Which Ones Stand Out?

Of this list of traits, which ones stand out the most to you? Circle the ones that you feel make you unique, in whatever way you can think of. This could be externally or internally. The purpose of this is to understand and appreciate who you are as an individual, and start loving every unique thing about you. This all starts with you, before you start expressing it to the world.

It is the start of recognising that there are things which only you can bring to the world. That has never has been and never will be again a person just like you with such a special and unique blend of traits and skills and experience. That really is something to celebrate.

Accept Yourself as You Are

Other people can’t appreciate who you are and what makes you unique, if you can’t first accept it in yourself. The first step was understanding who you are and how you are unique and special, and the next is to actually appreciate that in yourself. Liking and growing in care and compassion for yourself is such a shift in thinking for many of us that it seems impossible at first. But just get started by acknowledging who you are and what you offer to the world , however small or however quirky, and it will be much easier for others to appreciate you as well.

Find Your Passions and Interests

A wonderful way to start celebrating what makes you unique is through forms of art or other interests you might have. You will find that what makes you you is found within what interests you the most. This might be collecting something, a hobby, your favorite classes in school, your favourite job, what you do for fun or in your free time, art or creative activities, sports, reading, really anything that you tend to go to for comfort, joy, and to reduce your stress.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

This isn’t serving you or them. You are yourself, a unique individual with unique life experiences. It is okay to be different. This is what makes you special. And it is also what makes everyone in the world special, because they are all unique in their own way as well.

Take care today and be mindful of your uniqueness as you go through the day — appreciate yourself for these things. The world would be a poorer place if you weren’t in it.

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Elizabeth Morris

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