FutureProofing: If The Next 5 Years Is Like The Last 5 Years What Should You Be Doing Now? — Is Business Stress Ruining Your Life?

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Every human being encounters a level of stress on a daily basis and at the moment we are experiencing unprecedented levels of stress with the uncertainty that Covid19 has brought to us personally — and to our businesses.

The magnitude of stress and how you handle it is what differentiates the coaches who will survive and go on to thrive from the ones who wont. It is a tough call!

So let’s explore how to handle your stress and how you will regain enough balance in your life to give your clients and your business what they need.

1. Maximize Your Work Time

If you wish you had more time in the day to finish your to-do list, then you should work on your time management skills. We all have the same 24-hours in every day and it’s up to you to manage that time wisely.

One simple solution: go unplugged for an hour and focus on one task. It is very hard to concentrate under the degree of stress we have at the moment — but not impossible and this is a focusing skill we need to practice. No phone calls, no checking weather, no social media, no emails. Choose the most difficult task first and get that off your to-do list.

You might be surprised at how little time it took to complete that task and then you’ll feel motivated to do more. At the end of the hour, reward yourself with a short break, then go back into uninterrupted work mode.

2. Don’t Over Extend Yourself with Promises

Do you wake up with joy or dread? Are you excited to work or would you rather ditch work and play hooky? Feelings of dread often occur when you keep saying, “Yes” to everyone without taking into account your own physical and mental capacity.

Of course, we want our clients and our family to be happy but it’s impossible to please everyone and by saying, “yes” all the time, we risk our own happiness. Set boundaries with clients, friends and family, set a refund policy for customers, and schedule some much-needed you time on your calendar.

3. Create and Implement That Marketing Plan

Another area of business stress centres on finances and worrying if you’ll have enough paying clients to cover your bills and survive. We looked at this a lot in the challenge last week. So now you have some good ideas of what to be doing with your Old Gold clients and be setting up campaigns for New Gold ones.

The big question is — are you actually implementing the ideas?

What forms of marketing do you want to use? Which social media platforms? Where are your ideal prospects hanging around online? Utilize your free or inexpensive marketing avenues first before jumping into costly advertising campaigns. And if you’re inexperienced with social media or running a Facebook Ad campaign, outsource it or at least hire someone who can train you in the best practices.

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