FutureProofing: If The Next 5 Years Is Like The Last 5 Years What Should You Be Doing Now? — 3 Magical Words You Need to Pin Up Right In Front Of You

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Picture yourself in a perfect world, in your perfect office, running your perfect business. Picture yourself in the new world, hopefully a better world for all beings and the planet, and post Covid pandemic.

What’s your role? Do you have team members or are you still doing everything by yourself? How much money are you making? Do you have products? Do your clients rave about you? Did you survive well and are you now thriving beautifully?

Yes, our perfect worlds are goals certainly worth aiming for but if you’re still a solopreneur who’s doing every job by herself, it’s time to sit and learn the importance of these three words. Understanding and implementing these three little words will really help if you start incorporating their lessons into your actions NOW. Truly!

1. Automate

Plenty of admin tasks can be automated nowadays, which frees up time for you to focus on money-making ideas. Set up automatic monthly payments for recurring business expenses. Set up labels and filters for your email inbox. Collect customer data with forms on your website. Create automated email responses when people send in customer service inquiries. Use an autoresponder to send monthly newsletters to clients. Be creative…there’s an app for everything these days. Dedicate a few days to researching these and then get them set up. I did it by checking out the resource files on several websites belonging to people I respect to see what they use. I then checked pricing and then did 30 mins every day for a week setting them up one by one.

2. Delegate

Have you ever considered hiring an assistant or other virtual team member? All the automate tasks mentioned above can be completed in record time by an experienced virtual assistant while you focus on your social media presence and connecting with your Old Gold, Solid Gold and New Gold clients.

Or hire a social media manager to keep your followers engaged. Upgrade your branding image by hiring a professional graphic artist and a photographer to take premium headshots. I asked a young talented photographer from the local University degree course to do mine and she was wonderful and extremely reasonable. The other option is Fiverr. Needs a bit more due diligence but you can find some excellent people are reasonable rates. Hint: Cheap is not necessarily good — in fact it seldom is.

Delegate tasks to experienced experts who can troubleshoot problems and complete tasks in half the time it will take you to do it. It makes sense to consider this once you have cut your expenses to the bone and saved some money and sold some of your new offerings.

3. Eliminate

Or as I usually say — Dump! Analyze your business practices and look over everything you are doing for things that use too much of your time. Ask yourself if there’s anything that seems archaic or that isn’t worth the time. Sometimes this is an older way of doing things, like manual bookkeeping. Just because you’ve been doing it this way for years doesn’t mean it can’t be updated or eliminated. Set aside time to investigate new software or platforms that can automate your coaching practice or eliminate unnecessary tasks so you can save time and ultimately, money.

Plan Your Way to Success in 30 Days

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This article is part of my July series on FutureProofing Your Coaching Business … so watch this space for more ideas and support.
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