FutureProofing For Changemakers: If The Next 5 Years Is Like The Last 5 Years What Should You Be Doing Now? — 5 Tips to Successful Outsourcing Even If You Are A Coach Or Therapist!

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Once you have stabilised a bit from Code Red survival period you can begin to think of the next series of actions to take to build towards that happy state where your beloved Practice is absolutely safe, no matter what happens. Don’t forget — that is where we are heading.

It means that you need to be thinking of your beloved Practice as a business which allows you to do the things you love and have a secure future. So time to be strategising again for the longer term and the one thing I have found which enabled me to grow that kind of business and freedom is getting support from a VA! Over time I collected a team of specialist freelancers to help me — but that is much more of a long term strategy so for now we are looking at the start of the Fast-track to Freedom!

Probably the idea of finding someone and hiring someone to help is daunting but if you start with these tips the whole process will begin to unfold and you will find out that it is do-able, wise and successful.

1. Know What You Want

Don’t start the hiring process until you know exactly what tasks you want to have done. For example, hire a Virtual Assistant to manage your inbox and to send out your monthly email newsletter. Hire a Graphic Designer for your website graphics, eBook graphics, etc. Hire a Webmaster who is your technical guru in all things related to how your website runs and who can fix any technical glitches or server issues.

Get the picture? Get specific about what you want and need, then start looking for candidates.

2. Ask for Referrals and Check References

Ask some of your business acquaintances if they have referrals. Start making a list and do some preliminary research by checking their websites and reading testimonials. Of course, keep in mind that testimonials will only show the praise for your candidate so be objective once you start the interview process. Always ask for references and make a point of calling those people. This is YOUR business that you’re entrusting to this unknown entity; you want only the most trustworthy people on your team so check references.

3. Plan for an Interview Process

First, you need to publicize your opening. Then you need to wait for job proposals to come in. Next, you need to interview your ideal candidates. Lastly, make a decision and make an offer. How quickly you proceed through this process is up to you but make time to speak with each of your candidates, especially if everything on their website looks perfect and ideal. Sometimes you need to speak with someone to get a feel for how they operate and how they conduct themselves professionally.

Plan on making some criteria for the potential people to adhere to when they apply. That very quickly weeds out the ones who dont pay attention to detail — or who do! Going to sites like Fiverr and posting up what you want there will attract hundreds of responses. There are some quick things to check on which will weed out the non-starters. So if you want someone to handle content writing or correspondence they need to be English as a first language speaker and writer. No matter how fluent another candidate might be it is always clear to readers when the flow of the written words is written by someone who is not a first language speaker. For other tasks it doesnt matter as long as the communication between you good enough. There are some more pointers for a Fiverr search and you can pick that checklist up in the Sage Library.

4. Give Your Candidates a Simple Task to Complete

If you’re having a tough time deciding between candidates or if you want to simply test their skills, give them a small task to complete. Evaluate if they followed your directions; were there mistakes; did they meet your deadline; is there anything you would have changed about any of these submissions. Go one step further and give them feedback along with a change in the project to see how they handle receiving constructive criticism.

5. Sign a Contract

Once you make a hiring decision, send a simple contract to your new hire, indicating a start date and what tasks they will handle. Write out your expectations of the new team member as well “make or break” items which will lead to voiding the contract. With a contract, there is no guesswork involved.

I also strongly advise you to do a first trial task as a tester for you both. It is not nice to be tied into something longer term when it just isnt working and they are not as skilled as you hoped, or in fact you actually need another task to be done which you didnt know until you started the whole process off. This last is VERY common at first so don’t feel bad if that is what happens — it is just the way of the process. If you have working agreements which allow flexibility and easy termination or change it is far less stressful.

Want More Info on Investing in Your Business By Finding the Support You Need? Check out my newest class…

I hear from coaches and therapists every single day who want to get a Flourishing & Freedom Plan in place but they’re afraid of wasting money and time on the process. Remember, if you want to really flourish, be free and secure you have to give up some tasks so you can focus on the opportunities and play to your own strengths and loves.

I tackle this exact subject in my newest webinar and my latest weekend workshop, “Map out you Flourishing and Free Future Blueprint” It serves as a step-by-step guide for putting this in motion with it’s own Action Plan Workbook so you’ll always know what to do next. Join the link below and we will email an update as soon as it goes live.

This article is part of my July series on FutureProofing Your Coaching Business … so watch this space for more ideas and support.
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Best-selling Digital Communicator on the Science, Psychology, Soma and Soul of Compassion in Action

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Elizabeth Morris

Elizabeth Morris

Best-selling Digital Communicator on the Science, Psychology, Soma and Soul of Compassion in Action

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