Authenticity: Without it you have no Social Enterprise. With it you have a Tribe and Together You Can Change The World.

Have you got Authenticity?

Authenticity is a buzzword that you may get sick of hearing yet it’s a really strong concept wrapped into one single word.

Authenticity — is one word that describes the level of honesty and truthfulness associated with your brand or enterprise. It is essential for social enterprises and businesses doing Good.

If you are truly authentic, your true personality will shine through your whole social story, and from there straight into your marketing materials. Your business practices will match your core values and be perfectly aligned with your mission statement. Is this you?

Authentic social enterprise founders deliver what they promise instead of filling their customers with false hope and empty promises.

But how do you become known for your authenticity? As a solo social-preneur, it really shouldn’t be hard to let your unique personality shine through because this is something unique that you are creating with the Greater Good in mind.

When you show your true colours, you will naturally attract a tribe who relates to you and who will want to listen to you and hear more of your story. They will be ready to purchase your products because they trust you and because they believe in what you are trying to change. There is no doubt that your reputation is the key to your profit and impact success when you are a social entrepreneur.

But you must deliver what you promise.

get aligned. Unsplash: vincent-ghilione

Let’s check your authenticity levels:

1. Do you tell the truth automatically? No one likes to find themselves in the centre of a scandal or on the receiving end of a tongue-lashing from an irate customer and your level of honesty will greatly dictate how your customers react. If you’re honest about a mistake, about your journey, about what is working and not working customers will likely understand and actually try to help you rather than switch their allegiance and go elsewhere. For sure, if they see you acting out of alignment with what you have said you stand for and are doing — they will leave in droves. Trust is everything — once it is lost, it is over.

What and who is the real you? Let that You shine through. Remember this is a tribe, a community that cares; not just your database. Real people, with feelings, loyalties and sore spots. Treat it like your best friend. Because it is!

2. Did you know that in the Social Enterprise world your alignment with a cause is a top priority for your customers. They have to believe you care as much as they do and that your primary motivation is pure and not about lining your pockets. Customers are smart; they will know and will call you out on bad experiences related to your brand. Caring about your customers means caring about your cause because it is their cause too.

Make their buying process a easy no-brainer for them. Help them see just how their hard earned money helps transform a major problem in our world; and how your product or service is a natural conduit to making this transformation.

They will be proud then to work with you. The extent to which what you offer also solves a problem of theirs is a bonus. This customer is as keen to help others through you as he or she is to solve their own problems. Unlike the customers in a normal commercial enterprise there is a second agenda for YOUR customers.

3. Have you identified your core values and mission statement and are you able to articulate them clearly, warmly and concisely? Both of these items are important cornerstones to your social enterprise. Who do you want to help and how do you plan to do that? What core values are most important to you? How will you express those core values to your clients and customers and to your cause? Incorporating these values into your enterprise will attract your tribe to you and will contribute to the heartfelt experience I mentioned above.

In the end, authenticity involves being your true self, not developing a persona that you think your ideal clients want to see. You’re not an actor taking on different roles nor are you a politician spinning stories to gain votes. You’re a social enterprise founder developing a business based on Purpose, the wish to transform some of the world’s problems and make a real difference. And the fact is that you also sell things to make the money to enable you to do that. So being truthful and by earning your clients’ trust is the best way to do that and that means being your authentic, warm, Purposeful self.

By the way — you know that we keep banging on about self care being as important as any business practice in the world of social enterprise? Well how about signing up for our Social Enterprise Virtual Summit and learn from the best how to take good care of yourself while you take care of the world? Go to

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Founder, funder, innovator, enterprise disruptor, social entrepreneur, laser-focused mentor and social impact analyst Elizabeth Morris is your Partner for Purpose.




Best-selling Digital Communicator on the Science, Psychology, Soma and Soul of Compassion in Action

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Elizabeth Morris

Elizabeth Morris

Best-selling Digital Communicator on the Science, Psychology, Soma and Soul of Compassion in Action

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